UV & Germicidal Lighting Solutions

UV and Germicidal Lighting solutions reduce germs and viruses. We offer Mobile, HVAC, and other UV solutions to help you get back to business.

Various Solutions, One Goal

Spot Application Solutions

Ideal for:

  • Kitchens, bathrooms, trash compactors, lobbies and more


  • Smaller fixtures perfect for a specific area of your facility
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Seamless installations for public use

Whole Property Solutions

Ideal for:

  • HVAC systems


  • Larger in scale
  • Not seen by the public
  • Designed to treat the air streams in the entire facility

Mobile & Temporary Solutions

Ideal for:

  • Mobile applications for hospitality, schools, law enforcement, offices & more


  • Easy-to-use solutions for hotel rooms & smaller meeting rooms
  • Portable systems leverage your spend-lower initial outlay
  • Can sterilize both surfaces and air flow
Sm UV Cart School Setting
UV 1000w Cart

FSG UV experts have conducted several UV disinfection lighting training webinars on facility disinfection in the transportation, education, financial, hospitality, assisted living, and general commercial industries.

To access the recordings of these webinars, please click the download button below and let us know where to send them.

About UV Lighting & Contaminants

One of the questions that most people are asking today is, “Can UV lighting effectively inactivate the virus responsible for COVID-19?”

According to the Illuminating Engineer’s Society (IES) report published April 2020, their answer is “Yes” but under certain conditions. The most effective UV lighting for inactivating viruses is UV-C lighting.

The most effective UV lighting for inactivating viruses is UV-C lighting. Although UV-C also kills bacteria, facility managers and owners must consider all specifications before making a decision on the type of lighting they need.

For example, while IES found that upper room or air handling systems are the most effective ways to inactivate airborne contaminants, UV-A and UV-B lighting are also useful in killing bacteria in lower room areas. These solutions are particularly effective in health care facilities, pharmacies, and other areas where bacterial infection is a high-level and expensive concern.

Not sure which solution is right for you? At FSG we have a team of subject matter experts that can help guide you to the right set of products for your facility. We are also product agnostic, meaning we view the solution as much more important than the brand name of the product. Call us at (512) 886-1258 if you have questions about which solution is right for your facility.

Special: We are running a special offer on a 300W Industrial Portable UV Cart. The unit has a 100 ft control range, and covers up to 6,000 sq. ft. For this unit, ask about pricing in the form below. We also offer solutions from PURO™, GE Lighting, SpectraClean™, and others.

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