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LightFair 2022: What We Saw, What We Learned

Last week, FSG team members from across the country met in Las Vegas for the premier annual commercial lighting trade show and conference, LightFair.  This year’s conference marked an official return to the west coast version of the event following a pause during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the show did not disappoint!

The venue was the brand new West Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and attendees and exhibitors enjoyed access to the spacious venue along with all the amenities offered by the nation’s top conference destination.  Even the weather cooperated with the show, with low humidity and gentle breezes taking the edge off of the predictable Las Vegas daytime heat.

At LightFair 2022, FSG lighting engineers, designers, project managers, and sales representatives met to discuss the latest trends, products, and practices in the industry.  Networking with lighting manufacturers and industry representatives was the focus for FSG, and the once-a-year opportunity to meet and discuss trends and emerging technologies with others in the lighting industry was much appreciated.

While some FSG team members were interested in earning continuing education credits from the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) and the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), many others were most excited to gather with other FSG representatives from across the country to share stories about the past year along with strategies moving forward.

“I always enjoy attending LightFair.  No other convention provides the same opportunity to learn about new developments across a wide spectrum of the lighting industry.”

Jerrod Kew
Division Vice President, FSG El Paso

While specialty lighting product manufacturers of every type were represented at LightFair 2022, FSG was especially happy to see a growing representation on the exhibit floor of horticultural lighting manufacturers, along with manufacturers of sports lighting technology and parking lot lighting.

The various horticulture lighting exhibitors at LightFair each brought their latest offerings to the big show, and there was exciting new technology on display for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) operations of every size.  Individual home-based gardens and large-scale commercial operations have different lighting and control needs, and the vendors at LightFair were ready to discuss their specific requirements.

FSG’s Horticulture Lighting division is thrilled to participate in industry trade shows like LightFair, along with other more CEA-specific events like Indoor Ag-Con.  FSG strongly supports the development of the CEA industry through our turnkey design, product, and service offerings, and any chance to mix and mingle with others working hard to provide “better food smarter” is an honor for us.

Horticulture and CEA Grow Lighting were featured by multiple manufacturers at LightFair this year.
Source: FSG Media

Sports Lighting Innovations

Several vendors and exhibitors at LightFair 2022 represented sports lighting technology, and the steady march forward within this lighting sector never fails to impress!  Sports lighting fixtures are as unique as the venues and games they illuminate, and new and improved control and energy efficiency features are always a hot topic at LightFair.

At FSG, we take great pride in providing the best sports lighting solutions for our customers, whose facilities can boast maximum energy savings side by side with a superior player and spectator experience.  After visiting with the various sports lighting manufacturers at this year’s LightFair, we look forward to our next opportunity to tell our customers about what they can expect when their venues open up for the new season.

The Evolution of Parking Lot Lighting

One of our favorite product segments, and a big presence on this year’s LightFair exhibition hall floor, is parking lot lighting.  With a growing emphasis on energy savings and glare and spill reduction, modern parking lot lighting technologies continue evolving to meet customer needs.

FSG has a 40-year history of delivering parking lot lighting success for our customers.  With that in mind, we love walking the exhibit hall at LightFair and finding new and exciting parking lot lighting products to take back to our customers.

This year’s show was another winning opportunity for us, as there were a number of exciting developments related to parking lot lighting controls and customizable features that our customers have asked about.  There is nothing better than being able to provide just the right solution when a customer contacts us with a parking lot lighting challenge.

The LightFair Exhibition Hall featured many manufacturers showing off their latest technology.
Source: FSG Media

What Happened in Vegas…

The LightFair 2022 conference and trade show was a smash hit for the FSG team members who attended.  For over 30 years, LightFair has set the standard within the lighting community for continuing education and industry-wide networking.  Only one week later, and we are already looking forward to LightFair 2023 in New York City.

I look forward to LightFair because I get to touch base with people I’ve worked with over the years.  I appreciate hearing what they have to say about the industry from their point of view.”

Daniel McLaughlin
Director of Sales, FSG Dallas/Fort Forth

While we certainly enjoyed all the hospitality Las Vegas has to offer, we always attend this and other industry events with one prevailing thought in mind: we never stop looking for new and better solutions for our customers.  We go wherever the solutions are.

Call FSG today at (877) 293-6689 or visit our website to find out if something we saw at this year’s LightFair might be the perfect solution for your specific lighting challenge. 

We look forward to every opportunity to deliver lasting value to our customers, so even if all you have is a question about lighting or controls for your facility, please give us a call.

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