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How a National Partnership is Creating Scalability, Transparency, and Consistency

National construction and lighting projects are often complicated and confusing

A business or organization typically must contract with multiple vendors across the country to get the right products and services at every location under construction.

Each vendor in each location must then work with their own distributors to get the necessary inventory. Each distributor, in turn, charges different rates to each vendor, and the vendors then pass on those wildly varying prices to the end client.

As the different vendors around the country acquire the needed parts and products, inconsistencies start to multiply. Whereas the design specs for multiple office space locations might all call for the exact same kind of light, from the exact same manufacturer, local vendors aren’t always able to get the right fixtures. 

To top it all off, the client almost always finds themselves compelled to use multiple contractors for construction, lighting, control systems, and all the other components of their project. As inconsistencies in the parts and supplies grow out of control, so too do inconsistencies in the work.

At least, that’s how most projects go.


FSG and our partners at Structure Tone, Cooper Lighting, and Envision Lighting Design are implementing scalable, transparent, and consistent national programs for construction and lighting. These programs make it easy for our clients to get quality work, products, and services all around the country while keeping costs low and predictable.

National Account Partnership

The first objective of these national programs is scalability. The entire point of a national project is to provide repeatable, achievable goals for all the work that falls under that project, no matter where it occurs. 

When the designers and engineers from FSG, Structure Tone, Cooper, and Envision Engineering create the first plans for an office space in New York City, those plans are translatable — and scalable — for other office spaces belonging to that client, all across the country.

This makes it easy for the client to go from building 100 spaces, all the way to 1,000-2,000 spaces. Or more.


To ensure that everyone involved in these national projects is on the same page, FSG and our partners go to every length possible to maintain the utmost transparency into the project.

This means that the client, the lighting designers, the engineers, and the construction managers from each partner company are all participating in the earliest phases of the project.

Warren Byrd, National Account Sales Mgr – Cooper Lighting Solutions

“Our partners came together and we were able to open up book pricing to see what their cost would be across the United States.”

Warren Byrd, National Account Sales Manager – Cooper Lighting Solutions

All budgets are built collaboratively, meaning the client knows right from the start how much they’ll be spending, when they’ll spend it, and where the money is going.

The scalability of the project enhances this sense of transparency, giving our clients the confidence they need to make decisions about expanding the scope of the project.


None of the goals of scalability and transparency mean anything, however, without consistent work and pricing throughout the project. The partnership that FSG, Structure Tone, Cooper Lighting, and Envision Engineering are creating is designed to deliver that consistency.

By teaming up and combining our talents in service to our clients, FSG and our partners can make the pricing structure for these national projects simple and predictable. Because of the volume commonly involved in national projects, our clients benefit from lower prices per square foot, adding an extra benefit.

Lance Bennett, VP Specifications – Cooper Lighting Solutions

“It’s not always about having the lowest costs. It’s about having a reasonable cost, that’s repeatable and fair.”

Lance Bennett VP of Specifications at Cooper Lighting Solutions

Consistency also factors into the quality of the work and material used in these projects. By ensuring that Structure Tone, as the construction manager, is supplied with the same parts and products at every job site around the country, the finished sites all attain the same look, feel, and sense of craftsmanship.

“[Structure Tone] is the only construction manager in the country that has a ‘national account’ designation with Cooper Lighting,” says Emile Keller, Structure Tone’s VP of Global Services. That status allows Structure Tone and Cooper to work more closely together to deliver the exact same parts, products, and services to the client — no matter where the job site is located.


So far, we have discussed the partnership that FSG, Structure Tone, Cooper Lighting, and Envision Lighting Design are creating. But there’s an even more important partnership at the heart of these projects.

Our clients are our partners, and we are theirs. All of the values that FSG and our partners are stressing — transparency, consistency, and scalability — are at the center of our relationship with our clients.

Bobby Graham, National Accounts – FSG

“We manage the relationship ongoing. Once the project is complete, we remain as the single point of contact to be able to solve for any problems moving forward. Whether it be a controls issue, a failed lighting product, or warranty call, FSG is standing by to help.”

Bobby Graham, National Accounts – FSG

The consistency of these projects all comes down to our desire to give our clients the highest quality facilities at the most reasonable and fair prices. To make the entire project truly national in scope, scalability is one of the first objectives we achieve.

When a client rolls out a national project through FSG and our partners, they always receive that transparency, consistency, and scalability. They also get something more: an expert partner on their side. 

FSG has been conducting these national projects for nearly 40 years. At our National Accounts center located in Dallas, hundreds of experts from all across our vast array of disciplines work together to act as the single point of contact our clients need to get answers.

Even as we constantly work to refine and increase the capability of our work — especially through partnerships like the one described here — our goal remains the same: be the trusted advisor who is available at the beginning of the project, and who remains available long after the project is complete.

By working together with other national leaders in the construction, engineering, and lighting manufacturing industries, FSG’s ability to serve our clients more fully just continues to grow.

For help with your organization’s national project, contact FSG today at (855) 865-7553. Talk with us today about how we can help make your next national project more consistent, transparent, and scalable.

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