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FSG has upgraded the lighting at baseball fields all over the U.S. We understand the importance of ensuring the fields are well-lit at night and energy efficient. Contact us to get started on your field lighting upgrade!

Baseball Field Lighting & Electrical Services

LED Lighting Benefits for Baseball Fields

Proper baseball field lighting standards range from recreational to professional levels. An even distribution of light provides a well-lit playing area for both spectators and players. LED lighting has many benefits for baseball fields compared to traditional lighting such as metal halide or high pressure sodium lamps.

Energy Efficiency

LED lights are highly energy-efficient, consuming significantly less electricity than traditional lighting systems. This can result in substantial cost savings on energy bills, making LED lighting a more sustainable option.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

LED fixtures have a longer lifespan compared to traditional lighting sources, reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacement. This is especially beneficial for large sports facilities like baseball fields. Since LED lighting systems require less frequent fixture changing this can result in cost savings over the long term.

Instant On/Off

LED lighting can be turned on and off instantly without warm-up or cool-down periods. This is especially useful for baseball fields when games can start and stop at various times, allowing for immediate illumination when needed. In the case of power outages, LED lights can be instantly restarted when power is restored, minimizing delays during games or events.

Reduced Glare and Light Pollution

LED lights can be designed to minimize glare and light spill, reducing light pollution in the surrounding areas. This is particularly important for maintaining good relationships with neighboring communities and meeting environmental regulations.

Bright and Uniform Illumination

LED lights provide bright and uniform illumination across the entire playing field as well as excellent color rendering. This ensures that players and spectators can see the players and ball clearly improving gameplay and safety.

Customizable Lighting Control

LED lighting systems often come with advanced control options, allowing operators to customize the light levels based on the specific requirements of different events or activities on the field. LED lights can also be easily dimmed to different levels, allowing for energy savings during practices or events that don't require maximum illumination.

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