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FSG Provides Flexible Turnkey Service for Comar’s Manufacturing Facility

Comar is a premier supplier of specialty packaging solutions and custom molded medical devices and assemblies for the medical and healthcare markets. In support of its contract manufacturing and nutraceutical packaging business, Comar decided to expand its west coast operations with a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

The company moved into a 230,000 square-foot facility and commissioned a complete redesign that would remove everything except the exterior shell. Even the slab would need to be removed in many places to accommodate underground utilities required for the plant.

The new facility will focus on the manufacturing of medical devices and sub-assemblies and will employ advanced injection and blow molding along with high-speed assembly, testing, and packaging technologies.

Within the larger building, 26,000 square feet of space will be set up as an ISO- and FDA-approved cleanroom for the manufacturing of specialty materials and assemblies. This cleanroom space requires separate and more extensive construction specifications than those that apply to the rest of the facility.

To coordinate the two-tier construction project, Comar engaged the services of GC Whiting-Turner to oversee the entire project with specific oversight and management of the cleanroom construction falling to specialty contractor Angstrom Technologies.

When looking for an electrical construction contractor to execute this project, Whiting-Turner hoped to find a single vendor that was capable of completing both work scopes, to save time and promote continuity across the entire project.

The team at FSG’s Los Angeles branch provided the solution Comar was looking for.

FSG is the perfect electrical construction services provider for customers and projects that require training and experience with high-tech systems and custom applications. FSG brings a depth of knowledge and understanding of the particular issues associated with highly-specified construction projects like the Comar facility in Rancho Cucamonga.

Additionally, FSG is able to ensure that the two separate electrical work scopes on this one project are completed in a way that takes advantage of every possible opportunity to save time and avoid re-work and change orders for both Whiting-Turner and Angstrom.