Project Type
Lighting Upgrade, Facility Controls, UV Disinfection
Project Owner
Immanuel Christian School

Immanuel Christian School El Paso, Texas

Case Study
Relationship-Driven Facility Management Delivers Success for El Paso School


At Immanuel Christian School in El Paso, Head of School John Davis knew that he could be doing more to cut the facility’s electrical usage each month, but he didn’t know exactly where to start. A call to Jerrod Kew at the local FSG office started with a discussion about lighting and grew to include building controls and even facility disinfection. For Immanuel Christian, the most important thing was finding a contractor that could diagnose the entire facility and offer campus administrators a plan that addressed all their needs.


The first project FSG completed for Immanuel Christian School involved an LED lighting retrofit at the campus. Old T-12 fluorescent lights were swapped for T-8 LEDs, which immediately improved the quality of light within the occupied spaces at the school. Additionally, the LED retrofit resulted in instant cost savings on each month’s electricity bill while simultaneously cutting the maintenance load associated with swapping out blinking bulbs and buzzing ballasts. Another project involved the installation of building controls that allowed facility managers to monitor electricity usage throughout each month and apply strategic metering to allow the school to stay within budgeted usage parameters. Finally, FSG was able to offer a disinfection solution through the delivery of a mobile UV-C cart when the school mentioned that parents were concerned about measures being taken to combat the spread of COVID-19.


By entering into a relationship with its customer, FSG was able to work with Immanuel Christian School and provide a variety of solutions to the facility management challenges they faced. As the final project was completed, Immanuel Christian knew they had done the best they could for the students, teachers, and parents who depend on the school. Most importantly, they knew they had a reliable resource for whatever facility management issues they might face in the future.

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