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Our goal is help businesses during this time and into the future.  Here are a few products and services that FSG offers that we think are relevant and useful to businesses as we all work together to make the world a better, healthier, place!


Proactive Protective Shields

Proactive Protective Shields at the cash register or counter are simple in design and easy to install.  The clear acrylic plastic allows employees to still see eye to eye with customers and have conversations, while minimizing the amount of air exchanged between the two. Proactive Shields can be installed as a permanent fixture or as a movable fixture depending on the needs of the business. FSG both manufactures these and has manufacture partners that can supply them.

UV Light 800x800

UV & Germicidal
Lighting Solutions

UV lighting can provide a number of health benefits to facility operators. On a small scale, UV light can help fight germs and virus in specific rooms or areas of a building prone to excessive micro intruders. On a large scale, UV light can help in water treatment, HVAC filtration, and more! FSG is able to help facilities procur, install, and maintain UV lighting on both a small scale and a large scale! And FSG is able to help multi site businesses get UV lighting projects rolled out across the nation.

HVAC NPBI v1 1920x1283

NPBI Whole Facility Disinfection Solutions

NBPI helps facility operators enhance the air quality in their buildings using their building’s existing air handling systems.  This saves money, time, and energy while also increasing cleanliness & safety of the air the occupants breathe.



Other questions or projects

We know that a lot of you are working from home right now because we have people working from home too! If you were working on a project, or purchase with FSG that is not related to or considered essential business right now, don’t worry, we can still help. You can fill out our contact form below or call (866)-865-7553 and our Guide Center can help you get connected to an FSG team member that may be working remotely during this time.

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