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Skilled Trades: A Key Component of Our Infrastructure

Without skilled tradespeople, this country–and the whole world–would crash to a halt.

As this country continues to grow, we need skilled tradesmen and women to help build and repair the buildings, highways, and bridges that will allow businesses and towns to keep running. Hundreds of thousands of young people are making their way to skilled trades, and capitalizing on this growing career field.

An electrical apprentice gets a rare opportunity

One young man who seized the chance of a career as a skilled tradesman is Jeff Hawk. Jeff, an employee with FSG Kansas City, is entering the second year of his apprenticeship through the Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) Heart of America apprenticeship program. 

He was fortunate enough to recently attend a White House event celebrating the Pledge to America’s Workers. There, Jeff was joined by dozens of other students from around the country. He and his fellows met with the President and his advisors and shared their experiences as beneficiaries of the Pledge.

“I’m glad that I got the opportunity to get where I am now and glad that others will get those same opportunities.”

Jeff Hawk, FSG Electrician

In an interview after the event, Hawk said, “It felt great that they were taking initiatives to help out less traditional fields in this great economy. I’m glad that I got the opportunity to get where I am now and glad that others will get those same opportunities. It feels good to know that our industry keeps growing to allow this.”

Skilled trades are key to companies’ success

The success of U.S. companies resides in the sustainability of the skilled trades. “Nothing we do can go on without them,” said  FSG’s Talent Acquisition Specialist Amanda Rogers, who just returned from a career fair in New Jersey.

“It is our responsibility to provide the opportunities that empower students to continue their education.”

Amanda Rogers, FSG Talent Acquisition Specialist

Rogers said, “There is nothing more discouraging to someone in school than when someone says, ‘What are you going to do with that?’  It is up to us to say – you will build high rises, you will light up stadiums and you will work on projects that will make you proud to say, ‘I did that.’ There is always talk about people not wanting to go to college. Sure, great. It may not be for everyone but it takes a lot of different people from a lot of different backgrounds to make companies run day-to-day and be successful year over year.”

Referring to the company’s early days, Rogers said, “It started with two college students in a van and it continues with the hundreds of skills tradespeople – electricians, technicians, welders, fabricators, installers, specialists, you name it – going out every day making it happen. It is an exciting time for sure and I can’t help but think we are just getting started.”

Career opportunities for electricians

One of the largest trades industries today is electrical contracting. According to data from NECA, the National Electrical Contractors Association, the electrical contracting industry is valued at over $160 billion. More than 650,000 people make their living in this industry, either as electricians or in associated positions. 

5 Questions Electrical Contractor

Electricians and those who support them are men and women who literally keep this country’s lights on. Every day, hundreds of thousands of these gifted tradespeople are on the streets of our cities, in the buildings of our businesses, and in the attics of our homes. They repair damaged (and dangerous) equipment, and they help raise new commercial and residential structures. 

Opportunities for electricians are everywhere, and the means to a satisfied and satisfying life are there as well. The average electrician earns some $54,000 per year, and there is great potential for higher earnings in management or ownership of an electrical contracting firm. 

On top of that, a job as an electrician is a great option for many people who don’t plan to pursue higher education. The skills and knowledge required are taught in technical classes and on the job site itself.

FSG is creating skilled trades jobs

As an electrical contractor, FSG is an industry leader in giving men and women like Jeff Hawk the chance to take on a new trade. We’re always excited to see young people taking their destinies into their own hands, pulling themselves up through hard work, and achieving goals and dreams they never realized were attainable. 

Skilled Trades

America was built by young men and women who decided to make the best out of themselves, and in so doing made the best out of their country. 

Are you looking for a chance like that? Do you have what it takes to shape your future, right here and now? Visit us at today and see if a skilled trade is right for your future.

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