LED Street Lighting 

FSG provides LED Street Lighting solutions to municipalities, townships, and more. By coupling cooperative purchasing with other incentives, we can deliver the newest technology, better lighting, smart city capabilities, and immediate savings.

Smart & Efficient

FSG uses Energy Star® and DLC certified products from major manufacturers that we can stand by. Using the money saved from converting old street lamps to high-efficiency LED lights, FSG installs IoT devices that allow your municipality to futureproof its street lighting system and build out a smart city.

Lighting Rebates

Most utility companies and municipalities offer rebates and incentives that FSG will help cities and towns apply for. This can give a quicker return on your initial investment and lower the upfront cost, which might otherwise be prohibitive for cities exploring street lighting upgrades.

Financing Options

FSG offers in-house financing options to help you pay to upgrade your city or town's street lights. Our financing can be combined with rebates, incentives, and other programs as well, which often means you can pay back the investment with the savings recognized as a result of the upgrade.

How Can Street Lighting Upgrades Help Your City?

During Climate Week 2020, the Climate Group called on every single city and utility around the world to schedule the switch of their street lighting to LED by 2025. There were a few key points that came out of the meeting.

Switching to LED lighting leads to significant cost reductions and carbon savings for cities and municipalities. In a typical city, outdoor lighting can make up anywhere between 20 to 40 percent of the city’s overall budget.

Upgrading to LEDs would reduce the amount of global electricity lighting consumption by 52%. More specifically, 12 major cities recently adopted LED street lights. The upgrades resulted in energy savings of 50 to 70 percent.

"Switching to LEDs is not only beneficial in terms of savings and emissions which also highlights additional socio-economic benefits. Light quality improvements result in better visibility and reductions in road accidents. Cities upgrading to LED street lights have also reported opportunities for new commercial investment and enhancement of regions which benefit from the improved infrastructure." ~ Climate Group

Helpful Resources

Municipal Leasing 101

Municipal Lease financing has distinctive advantages over commercial equipment financing, as it does not create debt. Read more in the one-sheet above.

Smart Lighting Solutions

Adding a Lighting Controls System to your LED Lighting project creates additional savings annually and provides added benefits for your facility.

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