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Progress Shouldn’t Get In The Way.

In industrial and manufacturing settings, you’re only profitable when you’re running. Any disruption to schedules can be a drain on your bottom line. A recent study found that 98% of organizations put a cost of $100,000 on each hour of downtime. Another 81% stated the hourly loss to be over $300,000, with an additional 33% of enterprises putting that cost between $1 million to over $5 million. These types of losses are not sustainable and can have an adverse effect on a project’s true ROI.

Therefore, when it’s time to make updates to your facilities, or perform needed maintenance or service, you need to find a provider that will minimize downtime as much as possible. With LED light replacement, you may think it’s not doable; however, with careful planning and a seasoned partner, your workforce can keep producing.

How to execute large-scale upgrade projects

When a project is required in facilities in the million square foot dimensions, this is no small job. Within the facility, there could be many different applications utilized. In a space of this size, there are shifts typically present 24 hours a day, seven days a week, equating to no downtime, as workers must hit quotas and production numbers. While it’s easy for operations managers to see the many benefits of LED lighting, or some other significant facility upgrade they are often concerned about disruption to business.

The best ways to prevent substantial downtime is to have a solid plan in place. This includes specific timelines to understand exactly which areas will be worked on and at what time. The project partner should also be aware of peak times that should be avoided, and these may fluctuate throughout the space. Finally, all the stakeholders need to mutually agree upon a best approach scenario to implement the project with minimal disturbance to employees.

Auto manufacturer experiences little downtime during LED retrofit

FSG worked on an LED retrofit for an auto assembly plant measuring 2.4 million square feet. For this project, FSG was not only required to work around employee shifts to limit downtime, there was also confidentiality requirements relating to their manufacturing processes that had to be maintained. Due to their prodigious experience working for numerous clients in similar situations, FSG was able to confidently submit a plan to the manufacturer outlining an expert and accurate LED installation that alleviated the threat of disrupted operations. The retrofit was executed smoothly and quickly with the facility losing very little productivity whatsoever. In all, 10,272 fixtures were replaced resulting in an annual 13,469,574 kilowatt reduction.

For over 35 years, FSG has been working with organizations to enhance and optimize their lighting functions. You can learn more about this project by reading the case study here.

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