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The very thing that keeps your business in the air can also keep it on the ground.

Question: Do you know what the most inefficient part of an airplane is?
Answer: The wing.

Yet, despite its inefficiencies, without wings, an airplane can’t fly, and so ever since they designed the first airplane, engineers have worked to make this critical component as efficient and effective as possible!

Today’s modern airplanes have wings that are equipped with multiple moving surfaces and technologies all designed to adapt to the many different situations the airplane encounters through the course of a flight. Yet, even with all the great advancements over the years, the wing still has surfaces where its inefficiencies can’t be eliminated. Those inefficiencies, however, are outweighed by the lift the wing provides. Yes, they slow the plane down, but they are also the very reason the plane can do what it is designed to do, fly.

Until we figure out anti-gravity levitation systems that can take us from New York to LA, we’re still going to see airplanes with wings!

What does the wing of an airplane have to do with your business and your facilities?

Your facilities, just like the wings of an airplane, can either enable you to soar above the clouds or overburden you with inefficiencies that constantly keep you just above the tree line. Just like we can’t take the wings off the airplane, we can’t take your facilities away from your business

So, what can we do? We find technologies and practices to modernize and increase the efficiency of your facility (just like engineers have increased the efficiency of the wing) so that your effectiveness and revenue-creating potential soars. Suddenly this critical component of your business isn’t as much of a burden and does more to get your business from point A to B.

The question quickly becomes “How do we make it more efficient?”

Well if we continue with the wing analogy and look a bit closer at what engineers have done over the years to make the wing more efficient- I think we can start to see some ideas.

Install technologies that can automatically adapt and adjust to their surroundings.

Engineers give wings adjustable surfaces to adapt to varying conditions of flight. So too must we give our facilities the ability to adjust. In the past, this meant running around turning lights off when rooms were unoccupied or constantly adjusting thermostats.

Today, Smart Building Controls are designed to adjust to daylight hours, room occupancy and can be tied to weather information and other tools so the building can make decisions on its own!

When you add multiple locations to the mix, staying ahead of the switches and thermostats becomes an almost insurmountable challenge. Modern systems consolidate control of your entire enterprise to one desktop, giving you the ability to create rules that adapt to changing conditions throughout your entire enterprise.

Create facilities that provide clear information about what is going on.

Pilots have clear dials and readouts to instantly know everything that is going on with their aircraft. In year’s past, having insight into what is going on with your facilities required dedicating staff and resources to monitor and report the status of systems. Beyond the added expense and burden of a dedicated staff for reporting and monitoring, by the time you get the reports, the data is days, possibly even weeks old.

Imagine a pilot flying an airplane using readouts and data from yesterday’s flight.

Today’s systems provide instant insight into the settings and status of all your facilities. Not only does this give you timely information to respond and react to changes in your systems but it can provide predictive information so that you can respond to minor issues before they become larger problems.

Use better technology

We can put better, more efficient technology in our facilities—even older facilities. Technology like LED lighting, better electrical switchgear, upgraded low voltage wiring systems, and open source future-ready control systems. Even things like the facility’s sign can be upgraded to LED and built with better materials to last longer!

Look beyond just lights and thermostats.

In the world of flight, just like in the world of business, everything is affected by everything. Success doesn’t just rely on how well your systems perform individually, but how well they perform together.

Once your facilities are controlled centrally and, you have insight and clarity into their status and settings, the kind of systems that you can orchestrate goes way beyond lights and thermostats. Ice machines, entryways, security, point of sale, digital signage and maintenance can all be incorporated into the mix.

Investing in a future-ready open source system gives you the ability to expand grow right along with your business.

At FSG our goal is to not only help you find ways to reduce that operational drag but create and install facility systems that help your business soar above the rest.

For more than 35 years, FSG has been helping businesses lower the cost of making money. Through better electrical systems, lighting systems, signs, technology, and building controls systems, FSG reduces operational drag and helps your business soar!

Click Here and let’s lower your operational drag!

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