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Your commercial business sign is the first impression you make on a customer. Dazzle them with unique designs, get expert installation, and rely on constant support from FSG. Our commercial sign design and repair services will keep your facility signs maintained.

FSG Signs: Made In America

Made In America: FSG Signs Tour

Often, the first thing that draws you into a business is its sign. Whether it’s a restaurant sign off of the highway offering a much-needed meal or a gigantic sign on the side of a stadium, a sign is the biggest indicator to customers that a business is open.

But, too many times, it’s also the last thing a business considers prior to opening. On this episode of Made In America, the Voice of B2B, Daniel Litwin, travels to Austin, TX to visit the FSG Signs manufacturing plant. He goes behind the scenes, learning how they tackle signs of all sizes – from AT&T Stadium to Revolver Brewing.

How FSG Commercial Sign Design & Repair Services Makes Sign Solutions Easy

  • We Design a Solution

    The delivery of your new sign begins with an assessment of your business and needs. Based on this assessment, we will determine what’s possible on your site per your lease agreement and local codes. We will also determine what permits are necessary to bring your commercial sign vision to life. Next, we will begin the commercial sign design process to match that vision. Finally, and most importantly, we will present the design to you and ask, “Does this sign make you proud?”

  • We Execute the Solution

    Once the design is completed and approved, it’s time to bring it to life. Our dedicated FSG Signs team will build the sign at our 53,000 sq. ft facility in Austin, Texas. As the sign is put together, our experts will pull all the necessary permits to begin the commercial sign installation process, meaning you don’t have to worry about it. When the sign is complete, FSG will coordinate the right tools, trucks, and people to get your sign installed. Once your sign is installed, FSG will make sure everything is working right and you are happy. We’re only finished once you’re completely satisfied.

  • We Maintain the Solution

    FSG wants to make sure your sign not only works today, but that it will keep working for years to come. That’s why we offer warranties on all of our signs, as well as commercial sign maintenance programs. Our teams are always available for you, over the phone or online, so you can feel good knowing we’ve got your back.

The strength to get the job done.



Since 1982, FSG has served customers of all size and in all industries. From single-store operations to Fortune 100 enterprises, FSG has seen every type of facility and challenge.



Every FSG customer gets the benefit of our experience and knowledge in the solutions we provide. Know you’re working with a partner that is ready to serve, whatever may come.



Our commitment to results is matched by our desire to see every client succeed. That’s why FSG stands behind every project we design, build, or install. We are focused on your success.


6 Steps to A Sign You Can Be Proud Of

At FSG, we believe every business should have a sign they can be proud of. While the sign-ordering process seems complicated, we have created this guide to make it easy to get Signs you can be proud of. Download our 6 Steps Sign Guide today!

Download 6 Steps To A Sign You Can Be Proud Of

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