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FSG sells, installs, and maintains LED sports lighting for all types of sports venues.  We use the highest quality, most energy-efficient LED sports light fixtures in football, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, swimming, or soccer venues of all sizes.

LED Outdoor Sports Lighting for all Sports Venues

FSG is the ideal partner to work with you on your next sports lighting project.  From professional sports franchises to high school sports fields and indoor arenas, we offer superior lighting solutions for most indoor and outdoor venues:

Reduce Energy Spend

Traditional sports light fixtures are more expensive to operate and maintain than you might think. Review your energy bill to get an idea of how much you spend now.

If you consider that replacing traditional metal halide and HID lamps can reduce your energy bill by 50-70%, retrofitting your stadium lights or field lighting system with high-efficiency LED lighting can dramatically reduce your electricity costs and operating expenses.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

How much time and money is spent maintaining the legacy lighting fixtures at your facility?  Does your maintenance staff have other projects they never complete because of all the time they spend changing ballasts and bulbs in your existing sports lighting fixtures?

Whether it is the direct labor expense, the cost of maintaining an inventory of increasingly expensive replacement bulbs, or the important projects left undone because your staff was busy working on your lighting, continuing to operate with inefficient HID sports lighting negatively impacts your facility’s bottom line. Longer life means fewer maintenance requests as well.

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Better Lighting Performance

LED lighting is the perfect sports lighting option for venues of all sizes hosting every type of indoor or outdoor sporting event.

LED light fixtures are not as fragile as legacy metal halide and mercury vapor units.  Because LEDs are more rugged, they stand up to the elements better, and can even withstand the occasional impact that might knock out a traditional bulb.  

Most importantly, LED provides superior light quality, with fewer flickers and inconsistencies across an array of similar fixtures.  Solid-state LED lighting provides consistent illumination exactly where it needs to be and nowhere else, with variable brightness and color options available for custom tuning.

Advantages of LED Sports Lights

Different sports and sporting venues require different lighting characteristics.  The highest lighting levels support fast-action sporting events such as tennis.  Other sports such as football might require lower overall light levels, but those levels originate from stadium lights that deliver a maximum beam angle.

The benefit of LED sports lighting is that one fixture can be tuned to provide the ideal light quality and performance for a given sporting event at a particular venue.  Traditional sports lighting does not offer the same flexibility for facility owners.

Before & After

Granbury ISD Sports Field LED Lighting Retrofit

FSG completed a lighting retrofit of the football field lighting at Granbury ISD in Granbury, TX.

See the difference that LED lighting has made with these before and after shots from the stadium.

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NRG Stadium: Sports Lighting Case Study 

FSG has a long history of working with sporting venues of a similar scale. We were able to deliver a completed project that made the Houston Texans one of the first NFL teams to play under cool, crisp LED lighting.


Important Details to Remember About LED Sports Lighting

When choosing the right LED lighting for your sporting venue, here are the most important considerations to keep in mind.

  • Wide Beam Angle

    Stadium luminaires need to have wide beam angles to cover large areas.  The goal of proper stadium lighting design is to completely illuminate the entire playing field to promote player and spectator visibility.

  • High Color Rendering

    Stadium luminaires that feature a high color rendering index value provide better clarity on the field and throughout the stadium, improving the experience for players and fans alike.

    Video production and photography, in particular, benefit from the accurate color rendering provided by LED luminaires.  The images “pop” more vividly when the venue features LED lighting.

  • Proper Horizontal and Vertical Illuminance Ratio

    On the field of play, horizontal illuminance creates a stable visual “background” that serves to highlight different athletes and objects.  Vertical illuminance refers to the amount of light falling on a vertical plane, in this case from the ground up.  

    For high-quality video production and for the maximum spectator experience, lighting that delivers a proper ratio between horizontal and vertical illuminance is preferred.

  • Shadow Prevention

    When stadium lighting comes from only one direction, shadows appear on the field.  This is why ideal stadium lighting features light sources spaced evenly around the venue.

  • Glare Reduction

    Nobody likes glare.  In a stadium, nobody hates it more than the athletes on the field, unless you count the spectators and camera operators trying to watch and record the game.

    Glare control is a built-in advantage delivered by LED lighting.  When compared to legacy lighting technologies, LED delivers eye-saving results and better experiences for everyone at the stadium.

  • Steady, Flicker-Free Lighting

    Legacy lighting technology is often known for the flickering quality of the light provided.  These flickers can distract players and fans alike and are especially challenging for photographers and videographers.

  • Overall Lighting Uniformity

    With proper lighting uniformity, players, fans, and all those working the event can clearly see every person or object on the field equally, with no “soft” areas, hot spots, or zones with compromised visibility. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions about energy costs, installation, common wattages, and more to help you find the right type of indoor or outdoor lighting for your recreational facility.

Absolutely!  Athletic centers, fitness clubs, hockey rinks, equestrian centers, tennis courts, and racquetball courts all require great lighting to maximize the experience and promote safety for people who use the facility.  

Yes, and in fact they are the preferred lighting technology for facility owners interested in superior lighting performance and maximum energy savings.

Customers can expect to see an immediate 50-70% savings on their energy bill once they make the transition to LED lighting for their sports venue.

Stadium LED lighting fixtures can provide a range of lumen output from 60,000 to 150,000 lumens.  The exact number of lumens required for individual fixtures would depend on the total number of fixtures and their placement.

Before making an investment in sports lighting for an outdoor venue - even one with no present neighbors - it makes sense to consider future development in the area and possible lighting restrictions that might one day be in effect.  LED lighting offers a number of advantages in this area, and offers facility owners the ability to fine-tune the distribution of light.

Yes.  When building a sports facility from the ground up, or when completely replacing the lighting system at an existing facility, lighting pole type and height are definitely considered as part of the lighting design for the venue.  

State and local rebates and incentives, as well as other programs offered by your utility provider, exist to make your LED sports lighting project more affordable.  FSG has rebate and financing experts who can help you take advantage of every currently-running incentive program.

FSG is the perfect vendor to upgrade your parking lot lighting as part of an overall sports venue LED lighting upgrade project.  Replace those old floodlights in the parking lot and give your customers a winning experience before and after the game



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