Tomorrow’s Data Centers: Consuming Less Power, Space & Resources

tmg core datacenters

The robust and growing internet could, by its success, cause its own downfall. Or at least it would if its vital infrastructure wasn’t keeping pace. While the infrastructure isn’t perfect and faces plenty of challenges, there are innovations shaping the future of the internet. The infrastructure we’re talking about is the data center. Hundreds of…

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Emergency Power: Helping an Essential Business at a Critical Time

Temporary Emergency Power header

It was late on a Thursday afternoon when the call came in. Essentium, a provider of industrial 3D printing solutions, needed help. Fast.  The call to FSG Austin that Thursday, March 26, was actually placed by Essentium’s landlord, Live Oak Real Estate. As tenants at one of Live Oak’s properties, Essentium had contacted them looking…

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What Will “Back to Business” Look Like in 2020?

Back to Business

“Business as usual.” For more than 100 years, that phrase has been in the English language as a promise, as a plea, and as encouragement. Now, though, the entire world is about to find out if “business as usual” is really something we can ever get back to. When Winston Churchill first made that phrase…

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UV-C Lighting: How Effective is it On COVID-19 and Other Viruses?

UV-C Disinfectant Lighting Blog

For decades, the world has been harnessing ultraviolet (UV) light as a tool. Its power to sterilize has made it essential to the drinking water of billions of people. Research laboratories operate powerful UV lights to clean germs from sensitive equipment. Hospitals and medical facilities use UV light to disinfect and decontaminate surfaces and implements.…

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