Public Schools Turn to Co-Ops to Meet Sustainability Goals

Energy Savings Are a Priority for School Districts Everywhere K-12 campus facilities are at the forefront of sustainability initiatives this year, with rising energy costs and widely available energy-saving technologies serving as hot topics at school board meetings across the country.  Energy management and building automation solutions are among the primary technologies school administrators are…

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The Top 4 Questions Asked About Parking Lot Lighting

If you run a business at a facility you maintain, you know how important a clean, safe, and well-lit parking lot is.  Your customers and employees will judge your operation every time they pull on the lot. Car dealerships tend to be ahead of the game when it comes to illuminating their parking lots. Their…

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How to Make Parking Lot Lighting Work for Your Business

Parking Lot Light

Business owners know that the first impression customers receive when they arrive at a business takes place in the parking lot. A tidy, well-maintained parking lot goes a long way toward establishing a winning relationship with customers. If those same customers enter or exit your facility at night, your parking lot lighting has to give…

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