FSG Signs and CAS – An Investment Designed to Build and Empower

As an institution dedicated to timeless contribution and service, FSG is always seeking to invest in mutually beneficial and profitable relationships that will do more to empower others to reach their full potential. With this vision in mind, FSG is excited to share its most recent investment in Capital Architectural Signs. Capital Architectural Signs is…

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What to Look for in a Sign Contractor

For business owners, your sign is often the first thing new customers see, and many times it is solely responsible for delivering a positive first impression of your business.  Since your business sign plays such a critical role in promoting your success, that sign needs to be great. Who can you turn to for reliable…

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My Business Needs a Sign – Where Do I Start?

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In today’s world, businesses know that their customers are inundated with choices left and right, with notifications popping up on their phones and digital ads coming at them on every electronic platform they own.  In the modern business climate, your average sign will quickly get lost in the sea of information competing for a customer’s…

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A Bad Sign is Bad for Business

Bad sign is Bad for business

The First Thing a Customer Sees Should be the Last Thing you Worry About Your sign is your biggest, most important business card.  Although your sign may not be seen by staff during operating hours, it is the first thing that your customers see. A fabulous sign can give your customers a great first impression.…

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